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Prick illusion hotel brands compete to cross-border temptation and confusion?

Date: 2018-07-30

Music, movies, drama, cuisine, sports, constellation, household items...On the rush to cross-border road, hotel brand interest seems to be very high.Such as the hotel has been with netease cloud music, yan, zhihu, QQ, shells, fellow uncle opened several IP hotel and many other brand cooperation.Similar and pudding hotel and film "animal world" of cooperation, and work with all kinds of cartoon brand is endless, time hotel crossover became a boom in the industry.

In the hotel operating costs is high, the rent cost pressure, increasing difficulty occupancy, against the background of hotel of transboundary indeed for the development of hotel industry provides a different way of thinking, especially in a short period of time to improve the hotel's exposure, promote the spread of the brand has played a positive role.However, there is also a part of the personage inside course of study points out, the hotel brand crossover actual effect is not too ideal, to improve the hotel revenue and occupancy rate of the actual effect is also very limited.At the same time of hotel brands are cross-border, whether it is in order to gain consumer attention stunt, or will become the future trend of the industry?

Cross-border boom
"Want to come in from the outer circle, circle want to go out."With the cooperation with netease strictly choose different, MUJI MUJI launched a MUJI crossover HOTEL in the HOTEL industry, is an extension of the use of its advantages for.Similar and Leica, shortly before the camera in Germany was the Park headquarters (Leitz Park) opened a Leica hotel, the hotel design adornment also adopted a Leica camera and photography in great quantities, it is understood that the total suspended within the hotel more than 250 of the 60 photographer photography.

"The hotel is a consumption terminal, the use of the terminal platform, can integrate resources to establish various and colorful convenient consumption, joy, spirit to enjoy, experience consumption."Huamei advisory group chief knowledge officer, senior economist Zhao Huanyan told above (dotour. Cn).

In fact, crossover hotel brands are beyond the simple cooperate with outside of other brands.In the hotel property nets co-founder shao-hui feng view, the "crossover is divided into a variety of cultural crossover, crossover and products across borders.Cultural crossover mainly soft brand of hotel transfer for consumers, hope consumer impression of what kind of hotel form and spirit.Patterns across borders, mainly in the way of revenue, to adjust the management idea, etc, is mainly on how to profit, how to throttle, spending, etc.Products across borders as mentioned above, are some of the adjustment of product, consumers between the link more and more industry."

Nearly two years, accompanied by a boom in consumption upgrade, consumers for personalized accommodation and transformation and upgrading of economy hotel in a second-tier cities face under the influence of many factors such as, coupled with the industry faces a series of pressure, forcing hotel brands consistently seek an effective way to enhance occupancy and revenue.Moreover, inspired by Disney IP lasts hot theme hotel, domestic hotel groups have also accelerates the pace of launching various IP theme room.For cross-border cooperation in the hotel industry in the blustery, peremptory a not crossover is "unacceptable".

"Cross-border attempt, is the direction of the hotel tried to break through, but the hotel have sought to cross-border, can't just stay on the stunt and links the present hot IP.Hotel as heavy assets, if excessive grafting popular trend, make the hotel's easy to lose popular viscosity."Shao-hui feng said.

Proactive or helpless choice
But in the current situation, for traditional hotel group, the league is still the one of the main source of profit.So no matter how cross-border new species to become what kind of hotel, the hotel group want to earn more profits, this need to increase the number of participating hotels or as much as possible to improve hotel's RevPar.

In recent years, due to close shop, the influence of many factors such as management fee increase, the franchisees and the contradiction of hotel group often upgrade.So, in order to increase revenue, many hotels and franchisees are constantly trying to increase the room consumption income, such as some hotel to consumers, selling all kinds of pastries, bedding, toiletries, etc.

To improve the hotel's RevPar, leaning necessary improve prices or increase the occupancy rate.Back to the hotel brand crossover subject, many hotel brand after crossover, there will be a significant action, raise prices.To the cooperation with netease strictly selected as an example, the city of hangzhou, "the netease, strictly choose the hotel" at the beginning of opening, the non-members of strictly selected room price label for 1199 yuan, the price of ordinary room 200 yuan.It is worth noting that in their entire IP in the hotel's 176 rooms, belong to "strictly choose room" is only 14, the rest are for the common room.

The hotel brand after crossover, the brand in the consumer acceptance will improve?It is important to note that according to road, released data show that netease cloud music and light in the hotel before crossover and crossover, its net instead ascension recommended degree (NPS) has fallen slightly.In addition, net theme hotel guests recommended degree less than ordinary hotel.

In the part of the personage inside course of study, this kind of IP hotel pu at the beginning because there may be a lot of fresh attention, but if not meet consumers' expectations in terms of experience, it may produce bad influence for the brand.Hotel industry veteran whirlwind (a pseudonym) thinks, "may improve earnings occupancy rate in the short term, but is also easy to let the hotel take a red hat.Absorption quantity no problem, but if the experience is not big, is likely to become the object of work."

Trend or a stunt
As a new species in the hospitality industry, crossover IP hotel, a variety of topics in the design, name, etc with a lot of hot IP, short-term intrinsic did active consumer market to a certain extent, have also been more and more the favour of the hotel group, but the final number of home use can make money, but for now remains to be seen.