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Yunnan pu-erh tea: creating health keeping in good health

Date: 2019-06-21

In recent years, the region of tightly around the "building international tourism leisure keeping in good health base" "national sports leisure health tourism destination" goal, to develop green resource advantage into green advantages, creating kang brand, the tourism industry presents the vigorous form development momentum.

According to statistics, pu-erh tea, it has received 114700 visitors from abroad in 2018, up 24.38%;Reception of domestic tourists 34.7581 million, up 20.37%;Tourism revenue reached 35.411 billion yuan, up 31.15%, a 87.5% drop in tourist complaints, shorten processing time, complaint BanJieLv and tourists satisfaction rate of 100%.

2019, the region will further promote the brigade fusion, is suggested by global tourism, with "a cellphone swim in yunnan province" for the gripper, and thorough going efforts to promote tourism revolution "nine big project" construction, active service "healthy" construction, to build a world-class destination "healthy life".

High plot brigade fusion propulsion

2019 region will push forward "five one" the overall layout, coordination advances the strategy of "four comprehensive" layout, support region of global tourism and health industry rules more unity, build leisure sports keeping in good health as the core content of the "three heart two axis two" cultural tourism spatial layout.In accordance with the "appropriate melt is, can melt all, to promote the brigade, made to the article", the working train of thought of region will further enhance the cultural connotation of the pu-erh tea tourism, will more cultural elements into tourism production and consumption of each link, makes national culture kaleidoscope, natural landscape grand view garden, healthy lifestyle destination.

Do real destination product supply quality

Region will strive to improve the traditional tourism products, actively cultivate new formats, increase a batch of 3 a, 4 a level scenic area, accelerate the "thyme tea tao", Ann went to the hotel, oct, melting and kang project construction, speed up the intercontinental, windham, city Kang Yun shed and other international well-known hotel, high-end home stay facility opened;Vigorously promote tourism and health, sports, biological health related industries, actively create regimen, yangxin, resting to restore energy boutique tourist products;Promote pu-erh tea was national forest park use green resources advantages, to "forest, keep healthy China" for the purpose, in cooperation with all kinds of medical institutions established international medical center.

Do the pu edge products

With the advancement of the text brigade fusion and traces of a region of the (science) studies travel, leisure travel, endowment health tourism, custom tourism, such as the promotion of new products, pu 'er space more broad in the development of the tourism industry.Region will foster Laos the next three packet loss, sumie international twins days festival, carnival lxa lexical gourd, cimo drum ethnic festivals and local characteristics such as festival brand, innovative new formats, rural tourism development of a batch of tea, coffee, caulis dendrobii manor, formation, raise culture, ethnic customs, rural landscapes, characteristics of high-end home stay facility for the integration of tourism products, and accelerate the construction of kunming-bangkok boutique zijia lines, built the kunming-bangkok online the first drive to 5 star camp, build the province of drive tourism highlights.

Strengthen market management and service level

Pu 'er city civilization will continue to promote tourism and safety concept, continue to maintain the market regulation and high pressure, severe blow all kinds of fraud, to carry out the tourism territorial supervision responsibility, efficient handling tourist complaints;Strengthening industry self-discipline, the establishment of pu-erh tea tourism credit evaluation system, build the virtuous development of the tourism industry superior bad state environment;Increase the intensity of investment promotion and capital introduction, active service for tour enterprises, to improve the quality of doing business;Comprehensive quality training to carry out the tourism practitioners, vigorously promote the service level and service capabilities, continue to increase in yunnan province, article 22 of the tourism market order management measures and yunnan tourism practitioners "BaBuZhun" regulations to carry out the strength, crack down on "violation behavior, such as" unreasonable low price, to achieve "let visitors free, government services everywhere".

As the railway and simao airport relocation, the next two to three years of pu-erh tea tourism development or will usher in a new peak.In 2019, the region of the number of tourist reception strive to break through 40 million person-time, strive to break through the tourism income of 40 billion yuan, and stronger pu 'er advantage constantly, promote tourism contribution to pu 'er economic and social development.