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It is not enough to complain about the new hotspots.

Date: 2018-04-29

Recently, the lotus rose for old city renovation regulatory approval, according to the control rules, the old city zone in foshan set "history" "resort" highland "culture" and "business area" one of the central area.

  Not so long ago, the tourism board of zen city announced its latest policy to encourage the development of cultural industry, which explicitly mentioned encouraging social capital to invest in residential development.

  It seems reasonable to imagine that the "old town promotion + personality home stay" in the liansheng district, which is full of lingnan flavor buildings.
At present, what is the development stage of the residential development in zen city?
Is the residential property that provides individualized tourism residential experience suitable for the consideration of old city reconstruction?

    Recently, the lotus wine road detailed planning of the old city transformation (hereinafter referred to as "planning"), planning according to the region will make foshan set "history" "resort" highland "culture" and "business area" one of the central area.

  Lotus l area as the core area of foshan city center, its culture, history, status should not be ignored, and the development of tourism and business, shows the zen city of central city function further clear and sure.

  The plan is to make clear that the "tourist destination" location refers to a cultural tourism center with extensive regional influence.

  Specifically, through the integration of culture and tourism, culture and industry use activation of historical and cultural blocks, make foshan city with beautiful environment, history, humanities atmosphere, urban form, complete with a history of lingnan culture and characteristics of the waterfront area tourism destination.

  The developed tourism industry needs to be built on the prosperous commercial space.
Therefore, planning, relying on the existing temple, Oriental plaza, lingnan new world, such as the mature business circle, combining with the garden.empress temple, it culture tourist area construction, reconstruction of 235 plots and other major projects, relying on the traditional name of a shop at the same time, from traditional Chinese medicine culture, martial arts culture, ceramic culture and wine culture, build temple, big business circle, gradually formed the historical atmosphere, guangfo business circle is an important part of the commercial developed, strengthen its position and function as the center of the city traditional business.

  It is not difficult to find that the planning for the development of tourism and commerce in the liansheng area is inseparable from a key word -- lingnan characteristics.

  As the core of zen city, liansheng area is located in the old city of foshan, which is the most concentrated plot of foshan historical documents.
The zone with a total of 48 units of bump (including 22 cultural relics in the temple, donghua piece), including national level 2, 4 at the provincial level, municipal 38, undetermined level 4, concentration of cultural relics in the lingnan.

  Based on the unique historical and cultural resources, whether it is architecture, museum or old street old alley, area of natural lotus up with zen downtown in the most unique personality, but also the most can represent the city of zen culture and tourism resources of typical blocks.

  However, how should this natural personality be displayed to visitors to zen city?
With foshan tourism industry insiders told reporters that in recent years, more and more like "standardized" passenger travel, hotel is standardized, while the home stay facility personalization, adaptation, grounding gas.
"The future development direction of tourism real estate, must be home stay."

  And foshan, a "foshan secondary school age youth hostel" mountain, head of the team argues that the lotus rose for many elderly old house, "these are the lasting appeal of lingnan architecture is the boss of a home stay facility is most needed resources, can the Laos into a home stay facility, transfer foshan culture".

  Home stay is expected to be the future of tourism real estate.

  In the imagination of the mountain team, a perfect homestay should be a living space that can convey the local culture to tourists, which is the development direction of future tourism real estate.
"The first floor is water bar and reception, the design style should be casual, with the construction of the brick and wood structure as the main, and the public space should occupy more than 70 percent of the total area."

  Although the mountain team is full of confidence in the development of the residential sector, in fact, there are not many operators in the city of zen.
The mountain team said that the average home stay operator will form a circle to conduct industry exchanges, but the zen city has not yet formed such a circle of communication.

  However, the residential property industry is expected to start in zen city.
Recently, the tourism administration of zen city published the "special fund management method for the development of cultural industry in chancheng district, foshan city" (hereinafter referred to as "method").
The measures stipulate that the fiscal year of the zen city should be allocated to the cultural industry of zen city with a special fund of no less than 30 million yuan each year, which refers to the encouragement of social capital to be invested in the development of home stay.

  This part of zen city conforms to the development law of future tourism real estate.
In recent days, a network platform released "the 2017 residential short rent development report" shows that the residential sector has mushroomed.

  According to the report, with the continuous upgrading of consumption, consumer demand for tourism hotel increasingly diversified, the home stay facility as a kind of new tourism format, stood in the innovation, upgrade the "discourse" of venture capital, to meet the new needs of the consumers.

  In addition, by encouraging the development of the residential property industry in zen city, it also responds to the demands of the government of zen city to cultivate the real tourism industry with the characteristics of zen city.
In 2018, the government work report of chancheng district proposed that the city should strive for the end of the 13th five-year plan, making the great culture and tourism a pillar industry.

  Therefore, zen city obvious increasing in recent years, abstracting the kernel, a big brigade zen city culture activities, so as to create tourism brand, such as the 2nd tourism culture week and high-speed railway economic belt tourism fair, pottery, ceramic design week and foshan ceramic art week, CAI lifo kungfu tournament finals, etc.  

    Wen tour activities in the short term is zen city can bring enormous crowds, mention, popular type, but the norm of the accommodation, cultural experience and historical block wen tour resources is the core element to keep guests.

Able to provide a personalized hotel experience of home stay facility industry, no doubt, for zen city tour development provide more vast space for imagination, and help zen city borrow brigade to build high quality city center, the city of zen into a large bay area tourist destination and camp.

"A lot of the residents of my home are from European countries, and they have a good experience and attract new friends."
In recent years, the mountain team said, many tourists are tired of staying in hotels, taking buses and eating group meals. They all like to live in different places.