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Booking hotel special rooms beware of these 'pits'

Date: 2018-05-05

"51" little long holiday, many people choose leisure travel outside the home, most consumers are good in Internet booking a hotel room in advance, but some customers in advance to the low price, special price room when check-in, found that some of these cheap room reservation for peace when the conventional difference, merchants "hidden rules" to say the room for the "special channel".

"At that time, I didn't expect the real experience to be so bad, and the hotel I booked for my family even felt like a thief!"
Ms. Liu, who lives in nankai district, booked a hotel room on a website, and she was embarrassed by the strange experience.
She told reporters, "51" little long holiday comes, when she goes out to play for the family to search for online early check in the hotel, the last in a agent of a famous chain hotel booked 2 nights room, the hotel offer online mostly in 600 yuan, and the agents offer only 508 yuan, looks very good value.

After the booking was successful, the merchant sent a message to Ms. Liu: because of booking through "special channels", she had to contact the merchant in advance, and Ms. Liu didn't care.
When the family arrived, the family first arrived at the hotel with the names of Ms. Liu and others to check in, but found that the hotel had no information about their reservation.
Then liu to contact the agent, the other party said to the agent to send someone to check in, and then put the room card to her, the room also need not she and her family certificate to register, if you want to live this kind of circumstance is to be "black" in the shop.
As for such encounters, liu felt embarrassed and worried about the security of the hotel. Finally, she had to return the reservation of the agent and find another hotel.

In an in-depth interview, the reporter learned that many consumers have had similar experiences while booking hotels online.
There are consumers who report that they have booked "special channel" hotels. When they arrive at the hotel, they get the room card directly from the concierge department of the hotel, and they do not check in at the reception desk at all.Engaged in exhibitions, for many years agent bao manager analysis, these so-called "special channel", actually are some enterprises with "contract price", hotel, senior members, professional business company, enterprise or individual to "hen".
Many of the special price room for room is restricted conditions, such as specified in people, booking is back, can't delay reserved room, etc., some individual businesses help to book a room, or even integral in gifts.

Consumers once booked a room, such "special channel" in the actual check in, not only can't enjoy the usual channels booking for the relevant rights and interests, will also face many possible risks, such as restaurant cannot enjoy the discount, not include breakfast, can't delay check-out, cannot enjoy other real-name value-added services provided by the hotel, and so on.
The experienced consumer advice, when booking a similar hotel products, don't just stare at a low price, for the follow-up of the problems of the so-called "special channel", you have to require companies to produce the caption early and leave record, in case the rights when occurrence dispute.
Some, after checking in, saw the names of other people on the hotel's television reception.